Hi friends,


Long time, no speak. I took a week off last week as the Lord placed a huge burden on my heart to go on a social media fast. During this break, the Lord downloaded into my spirit so many things. I thought it might be helpful to share some of those things, especially if you are thinking about taking a break or already on one right now. 

And before I share, I want to say that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with social media. But, as believers it is our job to steward our time well on it and use it to glorify God. IF we aren’t glorifying God on it, or we’re sacrificing our own intimacy with God just to be on it–it’s truly not worth it. 

I have found it to be super helpful to take breaks away from it, and here are my top five things I learned on my break…

  1. I went deeper with the Lord. It was amazing to see what God did in just ONE WEEK. I feel like I gave my life to Jesus all over again and I’m in love all over again. I believe prior to this break, I hit this wall spiritually where I felt like I wasn’t really as eager to get into God’s presence. I grew tired, I noticed that I was sweeping certain worries under the rug and everything seemed to be overwhelming me. To me, this was a sign that I needed to pull away and get alone with Jesus. Do you find yourself in this place? This may be an invitation to pull away and pursue His presence even more. Sometimes we get on social media and scroll for minutes that turn into hours just to run away from what we’re feeling. Maybe we’re sad, angry or even dealing with depression. Social media can’t release us from the burdens we carry, only Jesus can do that and He wants to do that. I can’t explain the joy I now have because I gave everything to the Lord. I had some real, raw conversations with my Abba Father and He filled my empty voids. I’m a daughter overflowing in the Father’s love and seriously pray that every daughter would feel this way too. 

2. I learned to laugh and relax. This world wants to suck joy and peace straight out of us. I mean, it could be work, school, family issues, the news….there’s always going to be SOMETHING to worry about. But the Word says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27 NIV – Jesus left us a gift of PEACE. It is up to us to protect our hearts, ears and eyes from things that can hinder that peace. My worship pastor said this one time, “you have to declare peace wherever you are…” And that’s what I did this week. I was very intentional about protecting my peace. This allowed me to relax in God’s faithfulness and to not constantly worry. And then, an overflow of joy flooded my heart which allowed me to laugh at the little things again. The enemy wants to steal this from us; constantly trying to make us feel like everyone else is further ahead in life than we are. It’s all a lie and I pray you protect YOUR joy and peace, after all it is a gift to YOU. 

3. I worked on bettering myself. I realized that once I took my eyes off of peoples lives, (it’s something we all do, right?) I wanted to work out more, I wanted to operate in my purpose more, I even started getting more REAL about some unhealthy habits I had created. For example, God has charged me to wake up at 5 a.m. every morning to spend time with Him. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t waking up at 5 a.m. before this break. Instead, I would have a rushed quiet time session with the Lord, have to rush to get ready for work and then rush into work. It wasn’t like this before. I would wake up, be able to breathe before work and my day would be great! I am now back to my routine and it’s made a HUGE difference in my day. Even with being back on social media, I know I want to keep up this routine as I have in the past, it helps me SO MUCH. 

4. I was able to build a stronger bond with my community. How many of us are like, “Girl let’s hang out sometime…” whenever we see a friend, but then we never actually hang out with them? The Lord really showed me how a lot of my issues came from a lack of support behind me. I wasn’t being vulnerable with those people around me. The Lord has given me so many beautiful (I mean seriously BEAUTIFUL) sisters in Christ and over this past week I have been able to build a stronger bond with them and my family as well. Instead of rushing to my Instagram app, I was going through my thread to see who I can serve, pray for and communicate with. And I was also sharing, so that I can receive and be poured into by people around me. If you’re struggling with finding community or even building a stronger bond with those around you, I encourage you to first pray about who is supposed to be in your life. Then, be open and honest with those around you. We were never meant to walk alone. Never. 

5. I’ve learned to just appreciate all that’s around me. I have this new found appreciation for my testimony, for my life, for what God is doing in me currently and it’s been like a breath of fresh air. I’ve learned to take in all that God is doing in my life right now. I think so often we get wrapped up in the mistakes of yesterday or the vision for the future, that we forget to just be thankful for right now. There’s so much to see right now in my life, and there’s so much to see in yours too. I watched how my prayers changed from, “God take me out of this situation!”  to “God, give me the strength to endure this…” I’m just now in this place of surrender and thankfulness and it’s the only place I ever want to be in. 


I share these things because I know some of you may be feeling this pull from the Lord to take a break from social media. Even if it’s just for a day, obey His voice. It’s so important that we don’t fade into the ways of this world and live a life set-apart pleasing unto God. Again, social media isn’t a bad thing. It’s a beautiful resource for developing Godly relationships, sharing the Word, doing ministry, building a business and more. But it’s not our source for fulfillment, Jesus is and He meets every need. So, let’s not forget who He is. Let’s not forget who we are to Him. Let’s not sacrifice  our relationship with Jesus all for an app…it’s so not worth it. Don’t be afraid to take a break, pull away if you need to and be refreshed, I promise it’s worth it. xo 


With love,


Jasmine Morris