My Book – Returning Home

December 18, 2017
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Hi guys!!

Is this real life? My very FIRST book is now available! Let me start out by saying thank you, thank you, thank YOU! Thank you for all your emails, your messages and just your constant support over the years. It has been a crazy, crazy year but it’s been a BLESSED year and I’m so thankful to share what God has shown me over the years.




Now, let me tell you what my book, Returning Home is all about.

Returning Home is about restoring, reviving, and refreshing God’s daughters in His truth and His love. I was burdened to write this book knowing that so many women can relate to my story of running away from the Lord, ultimately to be restored back to my King. I also knew that there were many Kingdom daughters who struggle believing in the One they proclaim. As I pursued the Lord, I began to see the deception the enemy placed in my path. I also realized many daughters struggle with their identity—seeing themselves the way God sees them. I invite you on the journey of seeing yourself through the Father’s lens.

So, these books have been prayed over, fasted over, and truly led by HIS WORDS for you. I pray this book revives you, refreshes you and returns you back to your first love, Jesus Christ. He loves you.

You can learn more about the book by watching this promotion video. I was able to work with PASSION MUSIC. YES! PASSION MUSIC – such a blessing! Watch it here. 

You can order your books at, Amazon and pre-order on Kindle now!

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