A Day Out With Monica

September 10, 2017
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Hi friends,


I had an amazing time shooting with a beautiful soul a few weeks ago. Her name is Monica Burgess (@monicaburgess on Instagram//

If you’ve been looking for a photographer, definitely reach out to her. She can travel to YOU and truly captures real, authentic moments. She understood my vision and made it come to life. I hope you all can find inspiration in the things she shot. I’m truly thankful for the gift God has given her. 

Here’s my day out with Monica…









With love, 


Jasmine Morris




I want you to imagine this with me…

Imagine a bunch of siblings running outside together & then imagine the Father watching them from inside the house & smiling over their joy while they play. Now imagine one of those kids tugging at their Father’s shirt from inside the house, with the saddest face & consumed with fear. She wants to play outside, she wants to explore but she’s always played it safe her entire life so she just watches from the side avoid any hurt, rejection or embarrassing moments.