To the one who likes to isolate yourself.¬†Yes, you who just stays to yourself 99% of the time. I know you tend to label yourself as the “busy one” or not a “people person” but you’re REALLY hiding from the world. You’re afraid to be seen, you’re afraid of your scars, you’re afraid of being vulnerable with others and sometimes even with God…You tend to take matters into your own hands and you have this “I got this!” mentality. You back away from the world when things get too hard in yours. You silently wish people around you would reach out to you, but yet at the same time, you’ve built up so many walls that no one can enter in. You isolate. You shut down. It’s hard for you to be present because you’re full of anxiety and fear…



I don’t know if you can relate, but sometimes I can find myself growing frustrated with myself because I know that I could be doing better and even though I know the Word of God, I choose to fight God/rebel. I know I felt that way this past week. I was so upset with myself because I knew I wasn’t supposed to do something and I did it anyways. Thankfully, there’s conviction, repentance and then forgiveness (1 John 1:9) but let’s face it…it’s definitely hard forgiving yourself.