Newks // ATL

September 11, 2016
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Hi! My name is Jasmine and one of the things I love to do is EAT. My mom and dad actually told me that as soon as I came out the womb I was chewing on my fist…lol. I abolsutely love food and love trying new food all the time. As a single living in the city, I love to explore and try new food places. It’s literally so much fun to me. One of the newest things I will be doing on my blog is sharing some of favorite food’s from around the world in hopes that it will give you some sort of inspiration. Plus, if you live or ever visit the Atlanta, GA area (where I currently live) you can maybe one day try out some of the places that I’ve been.

Newks is the first place I want to highlight. Specifically, in the area where I live, the customer service is amazing, food is great and it’s always the quickest place I can get great fresh food.

Usually Order // Chicken BBQ Pizza – seriously so good. Until next time, xo.