I am restored. I am redeemed and I am a daughter of the King.  My name is Jasmine. Germany is my birth place, and I’ve lived in Virginia, Texas, Hawaii, Alabama and now Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve traveled the world as my dad served in the military for over twenty years. I am a worship leader, a writer and someone who loves creating. I decided to live my life out loud after many years of living in silence due to fear, pain and believing the lies of the enemy. Deciding to live out loud and boldly, only came from encountering my Father’s love. His l o v e changed everything for me and gave me permission to become who I am today. 

My story is anything but perfect. I grew up in a broken home, gave into toxic relationships and pursued all the wrong things, until I encountered the living Well, Jesus. I gave my life to Jesus on my bathroom floor in 2013 and my life hasn’t been the same since. He opened my eyes to a life that I thought I could never experience before and introduced me to a life filled with g r a c e and f r e e d o m. My brokenness met His healing hands and He turned it into beauty. I’m so thankful for this kind of love! I’m living proof that God can restore anybody (yes, anybody) – and I will forever shout it from the mountain tops that my God truly saves! 

My prayer is that through this blog, I will lead others to the Father’s heart. As I share my journeys, my mistakes and new revelations I learn in the Word, I pray it inspires you to go deeper in the Lord. There’s no other name more powerful than His and  no s w e e t e r name than His. I just want to tell of His goodness; and let my life reflect that truth in every way. 

I’m inviting you on this blog, just like I would invite you to grab coffee or brunch. You are welcome here. As I share, I pray your heart leaves full and you feel comfortable enough to share as well. 

I’m so thankful you stopped by. Need to chat, prayer, speak at your next event or have a business inquiry? Fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch shortly. I can’t wait to hear from you. xo 

– Jasmine

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